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xposted to emanuel_rock 
03:03pm 15/07/2005

the emanuel show yesterday @ the loft!Collapse )
06:53pm 07/07/2005
  tiite pantz; hot.  
07:51am 30/05/2005
  yay! i just joined. you know what? emanuel IS fucking hot  
10:21am 23/12/2004
mood: yay!

january 8th is not to far away... get your tickets bitches... and love it
01:46pm 27/10/2004
  someone needs to design something new for the emanuel is hot community.. so if anyone wants to give me ideas.. please do so  
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11:36pm 14/09/2004
mood: drained
soo.. emanuel leaves tomorrow to go on tour with senses fail... hot stuff.. i dont think they'll be back until sometime in dec. thats what i heard at least.. what a shame.. i'll miss em. in other news.. the cd should be comin along anytime... and a demo with a new song.. somewhat like make tonight stay, but a little heavier with less screaming.. what fun.. it'll have two cover songs on it also.. HOT STUFF!!! soo.. make sure u tell them goodbye if u get a chance.. and wish them luck...

much love
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.emanuel owns. 
01:45pm 05/09/2004
mood: bored
so i just wanted to be the second person to update this biotch. hey guys, it's a community i didn't create. whoa. i love emanuel.

10:39pm 02/09/2004
mood: creative
hot new community... join it bitches... emanuel is the shit

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